Top New York Court Backs the Maetreum

The Maetreum IS entitled to their property tax exemption, the state’s highest court has ruled in a unanimous decision.

Congratulations, my dear Friends.  May this Thanksgiving holiday be truly one of THANKS and RELIEF.  We hope to attend your Orphans’ Thanksgiving.  {{HUGS}}

Compelled to share… about the author and her book – “The Weight of Lies,” © 2013 Courtenay Trinder

Link to her interview:
“. . . I walked right into that gun. I climbed into his lap and said, “Make it a clean shot.” I called his bluff. He was a coward, and a bully, and I knew it. If he pulled the trigger I didn’t care. I just wanted to know he’d be covered in my blood and brains. I wasn’t afraid anymore. . . “

“. . . I have been reborn. As they held my son up for me, he opened his eyes and they crackled with electric blue fire. Drunk on the pain of birth, I looked up at him, and he seemed ten feet tall, enormous, a deity. Then this cr
eature, who had been yanked from my body with forceps, let out a gasp, a cry of bewilderment. In that instant, we were the only two people in the world. All questions, with no answers. I was transformed: I became the Mother. I left Eve behind, and chose Mary.. . . “

Excerpt from The Weight of Lies, © 2013 Courtenay Trinder
“I do not concede that my people’s war is lost, until I stop fighting. I have found myself in chains, but I will never be a slave.”

Courtenay Trinder completed her B.A. in Art History and Curatorship in 1994. Since then, she has worked as a phone psychic, a dog walker, an art teacher for pre-schoolers, and at the Canberra Theatre. The Weight of Lies, her first novel, took twenty years to finish, and is available here. She lives with her whippet Tinker, a Rabbit that looks like Hitler, and a beautiful little boy who has taught her everything she knows about love.

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