Making the Magick happen… HOME SWEET HOME!

I am writing this blog post to honor two special Ladies.  One of them is very dear to me.  Her name is Anna, and I love her with all the love a Mom can give her Daughter.  The other Lady is someone new to me.  Her name is Tara, and although we have not yet met in person, she and her needs were placed in my path by the Goddess, and I happily stumbled upon her, grateful for the opportunity to help her and her family.

These two Ladies are nervous and excited about upcoming adventures in their lives… one being a short 20-mile drive (less than 1 hour), the other being a lengthy 1,170-mile drive (more than 19 hours)!  Regardless of the 1,150-mile difference between the two measurements, these are moves which will link all of us together.

Anna… you are my beloved and precious daughter, of whom I am most proud.  Very shortly, you and your family will be loading-up all your belongings, and you will be heading South to start a new life in Tennessee.  Will we miss you?  Of course we will, but there is no need to be afraid of the unknown.  You have spent vacation time there and enjoyed it; now you can build the next chapter of your life there.  You’ll still have your friends and family here in the North, and with the wonders of the internet you will be able to keep in touch with us whenever you like!  There’s an old round-about chant I learned when I was a Brownie/Girl-Scout, and it goes like this:

Make new friends,
But keep the old…
One is silver,
And the other is gold.

I am positive that this sentiment is true.  It won’t take but a few minutes a week to remember those of us left behind in New York… including Tara!

Tara told me that Anna wants their families to meet for a last bonfire at the property… and I believe this is a great idea!  So Ladies… make those arrangements, and take lots of photographs to share amongst our families.  We have been brought together with the hub of the sacred wheel this time being 42 Dalton Road.  I want to see the handing-over of that special home from one “Lady of the House” to the next.  I’d like to have photographs to frame, display and share which show the trust, respect and new friendships developing amongst our families.

Tara… you and Brian – and your lovely daughters – soon will move into a house that will be your home, just as Anna moved in and made it her home.  We are easy-going folks who believe in the “Pay it Forward” philosophy.  We  have been blessed with the ability to help families regain their balance without stumbling, and ask only that they do the same for others, in the future.

I am so proud of you, Anna… and I am proud of you as well, Tara.

I truly hope that with new beginnings, new adventures, and new memories, that we can develop a friendship that will span many years.

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