Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is Real


Years ago, there was no “seasonal affective disorder”.   It was called the “winter blues” and it was thought to be entirely psychosomatic.  We now know this is untrue.  This is a true physical/psychological disorder, and if steps are taken to manage symptoms, sufferers may be able to improve (if not eliminate) this difficult condition from their lives.

It’s especially difficult for those with SAD to fight against it (especially if the sufferer already has other physical and mental conditions) because SAD confuses them, saps their strength and happiness, and convinces them that there is no way to improve their lot in life.  They feel worthless, and believe that those who love them would be better off if they were dead and gone.  It becomes a vicious cycle, particularly when compounded with other depressive conditions.


If a sufferer can get control of symptoms before worsen, they may be able to improve the aspects of their lives impacted by the deep immeasurable sadness that seems to have no real explanation or source, other than the change of seasons from the Light to the Dark time of year.


As above, so below… when your heart and soul change, the world around you changes, too, whether for good or bad.  How you feel may not be reality, but it is real enough to you that you believe the false reality.

Because of SAD, all aspect of life are impacted… once again, that cycle.  Sleep — if it comes — is restless… bad dreams disturb the night… exhaustion… distraction… you can’t pay attention, your mind drifts to the negative, making you short-tempered and stressed.  Trying to work becomes a useless effort, and you stress over not being able to do what you feel needs to be done.  Stress and hopelessness become constant companions.


It’s almost impossible to be optimistic when SAD keeps pulling you down from the inside.


It is a real medical condition, and those who don’t believe you may not have the ability to understand what you’re experiencing.  Seek medical help, and support from friends and family who love you.  There is help, and there is hope.  The link below from the Mayo Clinic contains some information that I hope may assist you.

May you and yours be blessed with good health, now and in the future.




Train of Thought – On Love, Healing Wounds II, Leonard Cohen and Japanese Philosophy

I must believe that love will win.

Not politics, not parties, not offices, not countries, not war, not religion.


If I don’t believe that love will win, then I am as worse than dead… the Earth and her people, including me, are hopeless and helpless and fractured beyond all efforts to love.

I cannot allow myself to believe this is true.  The depths of my heart won’t allow it.

When a fracture to a human bone is healing, it forms a callus – new bone, made by the body – and the fracture site temporarily is stronger than the area around it.  I believe this to be true with us, the community of the Human Race.

There is a Japanese art called Kintsugi.  Kintsugi translates as “golden joinery” and is the means by which broken pottery is repaired, using lacquer intermingled with a precious metal.

A broken item is not thrown away, mourned then forgotten; nor is it hidden in the darkness, unused and disrespected as imperfect.  It is repaired and kept and deliberately celebrated in its new form.  The cracks become interesting new pathways traced within, and are not seen with disdain.  The procedure is not like plastic surgery which some of us use in an effort to remove the wrinkles and scars we have gotten throughout life, some earned and some suffered.  Certainly, they are flaws, but they are part of us.  Never were any of us “perfect,” and imperfection is a “perfectly” human trait.

I think this bit of wisdom was best expressed by the artist, Leonard Cohen, whom we recently lost.


Rest In Peace, Mr. Cohen, and thank you for your work.  You have given me hope.


My daughter is Puerto Rican on her father’s side.


My twin grandsons by her are AMERICAN.

I was honored to witness their birth at Stony Brook University Hospital.  They are now young teens.  They have coffee-colored skin, and I love them with all my heart.

They were just taunted at their school in Tennessee.  They were told that they were “Mexican” and because Mr. Trump was elected President, “soon they would be deported.”

I ask all of my friends and family who were and are supporters of the ideals and values they felt in their hearts — which they felt Mr. Trump shared and propounded — to please STAND WITH ME and others in my position, and do what we have begged the so-called “moderate Muslims” to do regarding Daesh:



Let me know NOW, please, so I know where we stand.

EXCERPT from ~

“. . . Possibly the most sinister social media post comes in the form of a video posted by a Trump supporter under the caption: “The wolves are coming.  Do you hear them?  They’ve had a taste of blood.  They want their meal.”

Posted on US election night, by “Grabby Nimble”, a twitter user whose feed is headed by a photo of planet Earth wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, it features a bearded man talking outside, in the dark.

After blowing cigarette smoke into the camera, he says, with a smirk:

“To the leftists.  We the wolves, who have not had a taste of blood for the better part of 20 years, have finally gotten a taste.

“The wolves … are now at the table, and you are dinner.” . . . “

Inspirational, but F* word included

OK, people… and especially YOU, Wutende Frau.

You know those scary, dark corners that existed in our lives yesterday… or last week, or last year, or during our teens, or in our childhoods, or even before we were born?


Mr. Trump won the election.  They are still there.

But if Ms. Clinton had won… they’d still be there.

Sure, a lot of people on Earth feel angry… scared… betrayed… despondent… that because of the results of the 2016 election there will be more darkness, or other darkness, or new darkness, or double-super-secret-darkness is befalling us… but we still have the same damn  issues that have been impeding us and bullying us and frightening us and harassing us and negating us since we can remember.

I’m no Mary Sunshine, far from it, but let’s get the hell up and get to work, shall we?

FUCK domestic violence.

FUCK child abuse.

FUCK bullying (looking forward to your work against cyber-bullying, Mrs. T).

FUCK prejudice.

FUCK animal abuse.

FUCK homelessness.

FUCK hunger.

FUCK poor education.

FUCK lack of medical care.

FUCK “politics.”

…oh, and most of all?  FUCK APATHY!

Don’t feel hopeless.  We ARE hope.

Now, let’s get busy.

*drops mic*

obama mic drop obama out correspondents dinner

It’s NOT just about feeling sad…

This entry was conceived because of a post on FaceBook.

It started out as a comment to a comment to a thread on a video… then it became a paragraph… and that developed into a FB note… and it grew into a blog entry which has taken me literally months to research and compose… and finally, I clicked on “publish.”

My decision to post this entry on the day following Election Day — after the identity of the President Elect has been announced — is not a frivolous one because so many people I know, friends and family, are on both sides of the fence: rejoicing in hope for the future, and experiencing despondency.

It’s NOT just about feeling sad.

This all began because of the kind and gifted Mr. Robin Williams, and comments (some) FB posters were making about the way he died.  This precious soul did not simply and without forethought or consideration for anyone but himself “selfishly” commit suicide.

Mr. Williams chose to end his own life because of [a] physical disease[s] he had — Lewy Body Dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease.  Excerpted from the LBDA link below, “. . . According to his wife, Robin Williams was battling “the early stages of Parkinson’s disease” before his death. In early PD, Lewy bodies are generally limited in distribution, but in DLB, the Lewy bodies are spread widely throughout the brain, as was the case with Robin Williams.  Dr. Dickson, who has reviewed the autopsy and coroner’s report, further states, “Mr. Williams was given a clinical diagnosis of PD and treated for motor symptoms. The report confirms he experienced depression, anxiety and paranoia, which may occur in either Parkinson’s disease or dementia with Lewy bodies.”…” Excerpted from Virginia.Edu link, “Lewy body dementia is the second-most common cause of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. Considering that, it is not as widely diagnosed or recognized as would be expected. This is likely a result of its overlap with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, which can make it more difficult to diagnose.”

Mr. Williams decided to end his life on his own terms so as not to go on suffering from incurable, advancing, frightening, debilitating illnesses. Perhaps the manner in which he did so was not as graceful or peaceful as it should have/could have been, but it was on his own terms.  He did not simply wake up sad one day, not ask for help, and refuse to “just snap out of it” (OH GADZ how I hate that disrespectful, overly-simplistic phrase).

There have been others of late who have made the same choice, but under different conditions (in a loving environment, with their families around, utilizing end-of-life techniques, or services which are legal in other countries).  Do I think it should be “legalized” in the United States?  I don’t know.  I am not sure.  That’s not where I am going with this, and that’s a question for another time and after much thought and research.  What this is about, is depression, as it frustrates me that millions of people have NO clue about the real meaning and diagnosis of “clinical depression” — and that these folks would assume that Mr. Williams – and EVERYone who EVER made the choice to stop living — would have been able to make the choice to continue living their lives had they only had some sort of “religious faith.”

One of the most spiritual and pure of heart persons I know made an attempt to cease living when just a child, due to undiagnosed clinical depression and daily horrific abuse.  That person survived, and continues monumental efforts to live life… every… single… day.  I say “continues” because each day is a struggle, each day is one more mountain to climb, each day is grief, each day is confusion, each day is worry and fear and mental and physical pain.  For that person, I pray I will always be a safe and soft place to land… and for all my friends and family who are happy and sad on this new day, I hope we can remain closely bonded because of some things, and in spite of others, because my loves, at the end of it all… we are all we’ve got.


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