You — WE — have the power…

I am all for the legalization, health-regulation and taxing of [wait for it – ]consenting adults in the “sex industry” (in my own country)…
but this story about girl children (and their mothers) in Bangladesh taking steroids to look older, stronger and healthier, in order to sell sexual favors for a few pennies, just wrecks me.  The steroids are killing them slowly, and they don’t know, or cannot allow themselves to care.

They work so they can eat that day, and there seems to be no way of holding back some income for their future. Moreso, it seems there is no future
different from their present, and that just kills me.

These little girls have no time for being children. Every moment of their lives is focused on one thing, and one thing only: SURVIVAL. Do I want to help them? Yes, yes I do. But it makes me think… is that same thing happening here, somewhere at home, in my country? Appalachia? Las Vegas? New York? Yes? Then where?! Somebody, anybody… please point me in the right direction, so I can try to

I know places like THE DOOR, and COVENANT HOUSE exist, both in New York City. I know that escape from “the trade” is possible, but money-grubbing pimps of both genders are kings and queens of fear and violence on a daily basis. Women like me, those of us who would love to help their Sisters escape a life they do NOT want to live, risk death or worse when we tip their world on-end, and proceed to shake-out the creepy-crawlies.

Gah. I’m disgusted. Stick a fork in me, I’m done… for now. But anyone out there who would dare abuse my Sisters in any way, shape or form… keep looking over your shoulders because I am coming for you…
ready or not.


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Building a bottle tower for container gardening

A simple method to produce fresh food for every family in the drylands, particularly interesting to provide vitamins and mineral elements to the malnourished children.  Saving water while producing masses of vegetables and herbs.

Plastic bottles stacked into a bottle tower can be recycled to set up a vertical kitchen garden at home. The bottle towers are used for container gardening of vegetables and herbs. How to build such a tower is shown in different steps in my video (see link above).

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