What is beautiful?

As it was said in Oz, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Pay no mind to that voice inside your head,
that of the self which criticizes and belittles and bullies your very soul.

Let no-one control you but the real you, deep within…
the one who would rush to the side of a friend
at 2 in the morning when they called sobbing, in tears…
the one who would stay late at the office to help a frustrated co-worker…
the one who would step in front of a truck to push a child out of the way…
the one who would take an abandoned kitten into her home…
the one who would share her umbrella with a stranger in a downpour…
the one who would buy a bagel and hot coffee for a hungry homeless man…
the one who donates to charity with time or money…
the one who babysits for free, so a single mom can go to class
or take some time to be alone with herself…
the one who calls 911 when she hears violence in the apartment above hers…
the one who approaches a crying woman on a subway platform,
to offer a soft tissue and an uncritical ear…
and in spite of the fear burning in her belly,
the one whose instincts encourage her, prod her, push her
– to act in an instant, before she knows she is doing it –
to step between a bully and her victim on a street-corner…
with anger blazing, fighting the memory deep in her gut
of how it felt
to have no-one step-up…
when it happened to YOU.

at the end of the day

Choose the greater moral good, always.
There is real beauty in such strength.
There is real beauty in EveryWoman.

Thank you, DOVE.


BACA – Bikers Against Child Abuse – my kind of folks!



“Child abuse is a worldwide pandemic.
It’s America’s dirty little secret, and it’s time
to shine the light on these abusers,
and scatter them like cockroaches,”
Mopar says.
“It’s time for us to take a stand,
for us to intervene, and report these crimes.”

Many experts believe that incidents of child abuse are actually much higher because people are reluctant to report such heinous crimes.
It is only rarely that the media report sexual abuse cases,
and then only if it involves kidnapping or murder.

Only rarely does the public hear
about the day-to-day fear
these children have to endure.

BACA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
All chapters need financial suppport to do the work they do.
I’ve contacted my local chapter.
Please consider contacting yours.

National BACA Helpline: 1-866-71ABUSE (712-2873)

Help break the chains of child abuse.


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