Longing For An Oikos

Star Foster, if you see that I have re-blogged your post, please know this… I did it to honor you, and to tell you that I have been there.

I have felt what you feel. Perhaps not exactly, and not in the same “tradition,” but I recognize that I shared those feelings, and I attained my goal. I shall keep you in my prayers and workings that you might attain yours, and that you are blessed with contentment.

Namaste, Star.

ALisa Starkweather – thank you for inspiring me…


Written by ALisa Starkweather to Oberon Zell –

October 26, 2010

 red yoni woman

 “Thank you Oberon for giving us all this list of elders to remember. I am going to save this in my files and of course in my heart. This is an opportunity for us to thank these ancestors. It is a gift to place this memory of names into our hands and for us to reflect on their legacy. What is in our hands now because they lived? I asked Lady Circe before she died about my work with Priestess Path. I told her that it repeatedly had come to me in vision and was asked of me to bring into form. I denied this request for three years though I was praying to serve the Goddess. I didn’t feel that I had any training or right to bring forward the work on the archetype of the priestess and that some how it would be disrespectful to long lineages. She lovingly blessed me to go forward with my work because I was being asked to and said, “Where do you think it all began?” Thirteen years later I continue to be blessed at what meets us there and the beauty that has come in from that door. I tell women each time that this is not about training them to vocationally be priestess but accessing her from her bones and psyche where she lives in us all. I thank her for the blessing into any place that doubted. She kissed my fierce loving to be in this world. Our elders ask us, “What is our legacy while we live?”. . . Oberon, though I hope we have years upon years, when your time comes at this portal we will remember you for all you have given to us as well. Blessings all and good Samhain (summer’s end) to you, ALisa Starkweather [who is thinking of Holly Almgren’s line on one of her songs – Daring to Feel Everything. . . . “Isn’t it funny with mortality how you get fooled into thinking you’re Immortal? So many moments come and go till suddenly
you’re at the portal”.”]


A not-so wonderful thing happened at eXile Restaurant and Lounge ….

A not-so wonderful thing happened at eXile Restaurant and Lounge …..

You know what?

It doesn’t matter who’s asleep beside you when you turn off the lights at night.


When their taboos are YOUR NORMAL

When their taboos are YOUR NORMAL.

I could not have said it any better… so I share it here, as is.

Thank you, Wondering Witchy Eye, for putting this out there. Namaste.

A Prayer for the 4th of July

4th of july goddess bless america

The 4th of July holiday will be marked again this week… Independence Day, for those of us who claim the United States of America as our home. I say “marked” and not “celebrated” because there is such chaos in our country, and the world. Because of this chaos, many of us don’t know whom to believe… or whom to believe-in.

Due to this, I thought it would be appropriate for me to pray… that is, to have a conversation with those Eternal Powers That Be in which I do believe.

May the power of love, peace, tolerance and understanding be found within, and be shown BY all people TO all people.

May the inhabitants of our country – and the world – find the spiritual and physical strength to stand with one another in support of a positive future for our children, and those children to come beyond them.

May we teach and learn respect – for one’s self, and for others. May we be influenced not only by the words we hear, but by what we see – that which is good, and bad.

May we find the inner strength necessary to stand up against lies, hunger, thirst, violence and abuse of all kinds, and to support one another in providing education, charity, solace and shelter to those who are in fear and in need.

May the financial benefit of violence and war be decried, and may real opportunities for safety and growth be built by and for those of us who value the true power of love, peace, tolerance and understanding.

May this Cycle of All Which is Positive be lived by us, we who are the ones who recognize this as the Path which we must follow.


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