@karenstollznow: “I’m Sick of Talking About Sexual Harassment”

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@karenstollznow: "I'm Sick of Talking About Sexual Harassment".

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This is bullying to the Nth degree.

Don’t let Karen be silenced.

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Sacred Path(s)

Mother Mary from Alilight.com May 1998Mary_Magdalene_by_karmievarya

This is a link to an interview with Pope Francis via Catholic News:


As a prior* Roman Catholic… as an active Pagan/Wiccan individual… and as a woman/female human being very much devoted to the sacred path of the Goddess (Mother Mary?)… I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interview of Pope Francis by several reporters. I found myself smiling and nodding and raising my eyebrows at much of what he said, and how he said it.

If the answers he gave the reporters are true – and giving him the benefit of the doubt, I shall believe they are – then I feel more hope for the RC Church as an entity and the world in its entirety than I have felt before. Also, I shall pray for those Roman Catholics whom I know personally, who find themselves upset by or disagreeing with their new Spiritual Father/Leader. May they – and other RCs whom I do not know – find the ease necessary to open the creaky, dusty doors of their hearts and allow for the bright light of spiritual growing pains. Namaste.

(*Footnote: As a “cradle Catholic” even if one ceases to follow the tenets of the Roman Catholic religion, working with the logic of the RC belief system, one should not/cannot refer to oneself as an “ex-Catholic” because the act of having been baptised into the RC church cannot be invalidated or removed from one’s soul. The term “lapsed Catholic” is most often used.)


no way is this Christian behavior… no way…


This “gentleman” – this “Christian Brother” Dean Samuels – has no clue that RAPE is not about SEX. It may be about POWER… ANGER… REVENGE… MENTAL ILLNESS… ADDICTION… but it is NOT about DESIRE.

Even if it were about sex and desire… NO ONE wants or deserves to be attacked and molested, neither male nor female, neither free nor confined. The argument that women who dress suggestively are fully responsible for bringing such attacks on themselves is false. Young, attractive females are not the only ones who suffer this ignominy.

Elderly, sickly women in their own homes often live fearfully, wondering if they will be attacked in the dark of night by a male who breaks in through door or window. These mothers and grandmothers are not scantily-clad “whores” — but they suffer the same crime at the hands of criminals. What of nuns who are so assaulted? Did they “ask for it” too?

Tiny babies through toddlers through children are raped, too, by pedophiles. Are these kids “sluts?” Did they “encourage” the act by wearing “indecent clothing?” Did they “seduce” their attackers? NO.

I’m sure that somewhere in the world there has been a blind rapist. Did he (or she!) rape because of what was seen, that caused them to get excited? NO.

You know what? This guy is as bad as that fake “Christian church” in Florida. We women deserve rape just as much as God/dess hates gays.

Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

Grass vs. Lawn



Mix-up the facts in this article along with other news stories of folks in different states who are receiving fines and summonses for doing away with “lawn” and instead, planting “edible gardens” – vegetables and herbs – in their yardspaces… it seems you can’t win for losing. Truly, though, for me, a “grass-only lawn” IS a waste of space AND water, no matter where you live. It’s all part of the old “flee to suburbia” rat-race, putting as much space between you and your neighbors as you can, instead of planting something useful for your family and neighbors. After all, only the “wealthy” can afford to continuously care for so much empty space. Whatever became of working with and sharing produce from community gardens?

I am not advocating a look of empty, unkempt lots filled with beer-cans and clumps of weeds three-feet tall. My homestead – FaerieHaven – sits on a half-acre on a corner lot in Suffolk County, L.I. The expanse contains a mix of clover, crab-grass and regular grass, dandelions, bluebells, violets, plantains, ivy, crunchy brown grass, weeds, patches of dirt… and some flowers deliberately planted here and there… and you know what? It’s FINE with me just the way it is. It gets mowed, it’s tidy, it’s clean, and the space is welcoming. I’ve got birdbaths and feeders which encourage local wildlife to come visit. I do not need to buy exhorbitant amounts of water monitored via the Suffolk County Water Authority’s meter just to pour it into the ground to irrigate a wasteful “pristine lawn” which then needs mowing and then more watering so it can grow, again, which needs mowing, again and again and again. If that’s what I’d wanted, I might have chosen a more “upper-crust” neighbrhood, or maybe “planted” a fake lawn. But that’s not who I am.

For now, I’ve got a tiny little farm plot near my back door where I have finally succeeded in growing some veggies and lots of herbs.  I water them with a hose.  I also have a Sacred Circle space with small boulders and other rocks as a boundary, where we gather and pray.  I. DO. NOT. NEED. A. LAWN… to be happy. And a lawn is not the same thing as grass… which I have… here and there.

Many thanks for a Sister allowing me to share her words… may she be blessed forevermore.

    scar turn wounds into wisdom

    by Tziporah Katz

    “Thou art Goddess.”

    The Priest anointed her, being careful not to remove the make-up covering her bruises. Bruises he had placed on her only the night before.

    It has been twenty years since I last had to perform that ritual. Twenty years since the last time I was the victim of domestic violence. Twenty years since I last had to find the awkward excuses for strange cuts on the inside of my lip, or creatively explain away a loud “argument” from the night before. Twenty years.

    My children and friends ask me if my abuser was still here. Ask me if I knew how far I had come.

    “Yes, he’s always there somewhere, just not as clear as before. Do I know how far I’ve come? Maybe. Some days I don’t see it at all because the old tapes are still playing in my head.”

    Those events still live in the shadows. Still haunt my dreams and cloud my ability to think some days. Even though he’s physically away from me, my abuser is still a very real part of my life.

    The acceptance of what had happened, the tears that would offer the healing needed to move beyond, have been slow in their coming. My mentor at our local shelter for battered women assured me I’m doing fine. Some days I doubt her sanity.

    Every fifteen seconds a woman is battered in the U.S.A. That is a statistical abomination. It accounts for reported physical abuse, nothing more. It does not reflect what happens when a victim is terrorized, humiliated, or bullied. It does not come anywhere near the reality of magical threats. It cannot. The numbers would be too high. It would make the Burning Times and the Holocaust combined pale. Yet it is real.

    We practice magic. We build walls of blue light around ourselves to keep out those things we do not wish to have near us. We send each other positive energy to keep away those things that have no place in our lives. Healing magic is offered without a thought beyond “let me help you.”

    But those spells are easily broken with a slap to the face. Or a hand choking a neck. Or worse. There are no spells that will prevent an act such as rape. No chants printed in our local newsletters, no tapes that will teach us the secret mantra to block a chair being destroyed only inches from us. No oils sold at the local occult shop to filter out the violence.

    And even fewer chants for healing the wounds.

    Fewer still are the safe places inside this Pagan Community for a victim to go and be heard. We as a community say that we venerate the Goddess, revere the God. If this is true then why are so many of our women being battered? How can we, who claim to have awareness beyond the mundane, who claim to be psychic, be so blind to the truth? The answer is not all that complex. We are no different from the rest of society. It wasn’t that long ago that we acknowledged that we had the same kinds of substance abuse problems as the world at large. We offered healing to victims of rape and incest. In both of these cases, with open hearts and minds. No accusations of the victims having asked for the abuse, the addict having carefully plotted their addictions. So why in the face of domestic violence do we turn away?

    Perhaps the reason is because the violence is being generated inside our community and it is far too painful for any of us (including many victims) to face. Domestic violence is different and far removed from other forms of abuse. A victim of domestic violence has to face the abuse as well as the reality that they chose their partner. No matter how many times they are reminded that, no one enters into a relationship with the thought of “Now I’m going to be abused. What a relief.” It doesn’t remove the feeling of failure in having made what now appears to have been a poor choice.

    Worse still is that when a victim points a finger at an abuser from inside the community, they are risking harming the community as a whole. “Nice witches don’t beat each other.” It’s bad magic.

    But nice witches do indeed beat each other. Nice witches do abuse each other. And all the magical chants and potions in the world will not protect the victim from the falling blows.

    So what can we do? What healing can be offered?

    In order for the healing to begin, we have to accept that domestic violence does happen here, in this community. Victims must be believed. They must be given a safe space to find the strength to heal. In their own time, not ours.

    We do not need to create our own shelters. There are shelters that exist in the world already. We do not need to create tribunals to hear the cases and judge the truth. We do not need to try to counsel the partners into healing the relationship. We need to learn to listen. We need to hear the truth, and act on it. Abuse must not be tolerated or accepted. Abusers must be given a place to find their own healing, to offer less would be inhuman. Within that space abusers must be removed from other potentially abusive situations. We must be certain the victims are safe from further harm. That must come first.

    Most importantly, we must look each other in the eye and say:

    “Thou art Goddess. Thou art God.”

    And really mean it.


    Post Script:

    The was written some twenty years ago, and the pain of the past is still real. The journey my own life has taken is filled with successes and failures like any other life. Relationships after violence are hard and after another attempt at a marriage that did not last, I am single. I’ve also left the public life of the Pagan Community and have keep my spiritual side private.

    Since the original writing of this article I have become aware of other women in the Pagan community who have been severely abused. One victim received a fractured skull. The other victim having been beaten with a bat required extensive medical attention (some 73 staples and 49 stitches, I believe were the number). In both cases, the abusers are known figures in the community. Both women have sought legal assistance and are pursuing their cases.

    Gwyddion once wrote, “We won’t wait any longer. We are stronger than before.”

    May those words guide other victims to their strength to get to safety. And may they give this community the strength it will need to help itself heal.

    ***Permission to reprint is granted by the author providing the article is copied without changes. For more information on what you can do to help stop domestic violence in your area contact the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at 202-638-6388, or your local shelter.***

Seattle Author’s Powerful Self-Written Obituary Goes Viral

To those commentors saying things like “such strength, I hope to have that,” “it appears we lost someone that represents more of what we need in our society,” “The writer wrote it with such passion about her life and the wonderful people who were part of that life,” etc. — waste no time, and strive every moment of your life to BE and DO what you admire in this woman of wisdom and beauty. Make the impact you wish to leave behind, and make it NOW.

“It’s easy if you try….” J. Lennon

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Hoping to Help Our Community

Garage Sales

Link to my ad http://gsalr.com/810-811-multifamily-1st-central-islip-ny-18864595.html


“1st Annual C.I. Neighborhood Yard Sale”
☞☞ & SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th ☜☜
⌚ from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ⌚

In an effort to encourage positive community interaction and the formation of friendships between new and long-time residents of Central Islip, a few of your neighbors ☺ ☻ have committed to participating in a yard-sale next weekend, on
8/10 & 8/11. A Town of Islip permit has been purchased for this multi-family event.

As with any such sale, you may set up at your own home, in your yard, garage or
driveway, however… we have another possibility to suggest:
are you interested in bringing your items to a single location?

One of our participants owns a home with a very large yard – 165 St. John’s Street (corner of Rossmore Avenue) – and they are willing to welcome neighbors to set-up inside their yard. It would be easy for folks to browse, shop and socialize all in one location (and if enough people commit to doing this, we can arrange to have bottled water, ice and snacks on hand. You can bring sun umbrellas and other items to provide shade, lawn-chairs, etc. Sorry – no lavatories will be available.)

PLEASE CALL “T.J.” AT CELL PHONE #516-443-7583 A.S.A.P.


➔➔✪❀❁☼☺☻☼☺☻☼☺☻❁❀✪ Read the rest of this entry »

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