Yes, Virginia…

In a dream three months ago, the Goddess sent me a design for an item
which she asked be created out of wood. I asked a few Sisters who do
wood-working, but they all told me, with regrets, that they
could not perform the task for me as it was too complex.

After another month of thinking, I wrote to a Craft Brother of mine,
who is a master wood-worker.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we
were out of touch for many years, but he never left my heart,
and I never left his. We are speaking now, and I learned that
he has suffered much during our time apart, including
the loss of his wife, the sight in one of his eyes, much of his hearing,
and the easy facility of his hands. I hadn’t thought of him at first
as I didn’t want to insult him,
knowing he might be unable to create what I needed,
but ask him I did. The first words of my e-mail message were as follows:
“Dammit, I don’t CARE that you can’t see out of one eye….”

And so, that was when the waiting began.
Now – two months later – on Yule Eve,
I received an e-mail response from him,
a portion of which I share with you below:

“. . . and the other eye is blind? Of course I could make it… but there is a price, barbarian, and I have many things on my plate, daily chores, previous orders, and the heater in my vastly over crowded work space is broken so all my paints, stain and glues are in the attic to keep from freezing. Not to mention the variables of life. I was alone and choking last week – seconds from checkout I managed to clear my throat, it scared the shit out of me and my chest and throat hurt for two days, so you never know what may come tomorrow. I have thought on your task, but have received no dreams, and I do get dream messages but none on this subject yet, though I have ideas. I will not work while cold, I am not such a hard-ass anymore, so I’m not doing much in shop work till St. Paddys day. And as to price… only a piece of my past will do. Ebay listing #xxxxxx. This was my first ring of power, bought it 1974, stolen in 1979.  Ah, I always knew I’d see it again but wasn’t expecting to run into it on Ebay while just idly passing time. A stab from the past indeed. I was just going to pass on your project. Not on speaking terms with any of the gods these days… or most people either (I’m a hermit, dammit) so maybe this was Her way to tempt me. Still don’t know if I should, but that’s my price, Lady, so now, it’s up to you. And I won’t promise not to croak on ya `cause the gods are cruel and tricksey, as I know so well. That item goes off-line in a few days… was originally $190.00 from a fellow art student at UWM and I really don’t know what to make of it showing up now, I’m kind of leery, but then everything gets me leery (I’m a cranky hermit, dammit, and that’s why) but who cares (that’s become my mantra). This has taken me hours to write and my hands are stiff so if I havent answered your questions you’ll just have to wait for another letter. Love to you and yours, and a Merry new year.

Thedann (crabby hermit, dammit) at Katwood Krafts
Carvings : Knives & Swords : Collectibles”

I logged onto Ebay without delay, typed in the item number,
and there it was in all its glory, complete with features
unique enough for all to be certain it is his ring
after all this time….

The Goddess placed a dollar figure in my heart that was
less than the asking price, and instructed me to use
the “make an offer” option.  I did, and told my tale
to the vendor in a private note. 
Late last night my offer was accepted,
and this morning I paid for the ring!

This will be a gift of love and commitment
to my most Beloved Brother,
not a payment for a job to be done.
It is so much more than that.

And so, Virginia, yes… there is a Santa Claus…
and miracles… to be found in all of us
and for all of us, especially at this time of year.

May the brightest of lights illuminate your souls.

Seasons Greetings…

Beginning tomorrow night – December 20th– the Sun spends three days at it’s lowest position of the year, and we have the longest nights. These are the “three days” of resurrection spoken of by so many religious traditions. Friday night, the return of the Sun begins. For many Pagans, Wiccans and others of similar paths, candles will blaze and the Yule log will burn, bringing with it
the promise of rebirth of the land from Winter’s grasp.

Candles… the Yule log… the warmth of the sun.

On December 21st for my Jewish friends, Hanukkah begins – the joyous Festival of Lights, a celebration lasting eight days and nights, commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.
The menorah is lit – eight candles, from a main candle, the ninth.

Sacred temple oil… candles… light.

On December 25th, my Christian friends mark the birth of their Savior, the babe called Jesus. Candles are lit from a source candle at Midnight Mass on December 24th, the light dispelling darkness
and growing into the early morning hours of the 25th,
celebrating his arrival.

Candles… light… the love of the Son.

On December 26th, my African-American friends begin Kwanzaa,
a fairly new celebration which was created in 1966.
Lasting a week, seven candles are lit, one per day…
three red, three green, and a black… for unity, self-determination,
collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics,
purpose, creativity and faith.

Again, the brightness of many candles… many hearts,
many minds, and many souls here on Earth.

ALL the above is the “Reason for the Season”… so SEASONS GREETINGS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, my friends… with all respect meant
to each and every one of you.


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