to the SoulSick of ALL types… I’m still standing… WE’RE still standing…

A new day.

the battle is real

One step at a time.

own your power choose

I am blessed, I am lucky.

born and why gull twain

Today, I am still here to speak for those who are gone, both recent and not.


My brain is working, my heart is full, my soul is powerful.


I honor LIFE and LOVE more than the SoulSick honor death and hate.


“…and if I die before I wake, I pray that God/dess my Soul doth take.”

When that DOES eventually occur, and it WILL, yes it WILL, as it is part of the Beautiful Cycle of Life in which I believe, I hope I shall be allowed to carry my passions with me, and to unfurl a great banner beside the well-worn path near that sweetwater pond which lies beneath the largest willow tree on the far side of the Rainbow Bridge, where our Companions patiently await us.

I shall remain there, awaiting my friends, my family, my Tribe, my CLAN, as long as I am permitted.

miracle friends

And afterward?

Look over your shoulders, those of you who are SoulSick, those who kill for the sake of death, those who hate for the sake of hatred, those who believe that GOD/DESS requires the murder and death of innocents/innocence as acts of devotion and praise.  Feel those prickles on your scalp?  The hairs on the backs of your necks standing up?  The feeling you are being watched, and when you turn, there’s nothing there but the wind?  Your own blood running cold, and you can’t shake it and you don’t know why?  It’s not over, not by a long-shot.

never give up love inspiration

Those of us you hate(d) because we were/are not exactly like YOU… those of us you thought you disposed of forever, those whose worldly blood you spilled, in which you rejoiced and danced for your own shallow, selfish, earthly “advantage”… only the shells of our Earthly bodies are done and gone.  We DO live on.

I will be ready — WE will be ready — and you’ll never know what hit you.

You shall NOT pass.



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