The Divine Feminine… the Triple Goddess… and a poem for my SisterWomen


The above image is from the following website entry:

Many thoughts expressed clearly and beautifully
in this entry by Judith Kusel are thoughts I share.

This morning,
I was inspired by her writing
to compose the following,
to share with you.
May you enjoy it.


We, SisterWomen all,
need not be
exactly the same.
How boring to feel and see
nothing different,
through the game
we call life.
So much of our value
is found in our variety:
mothers and sisters,
in laughter and sobriety,
teachers and students,
givers and receivers both,
friends and lovers
and laborers in many ways,
along the path we humans walk.
Along the Circle of Life,
through the darkness of night
and the brightness of day,
in sadness and in joy,
we hope and strive to do our best,
then stumble, embarassed, from jealousy,
and recover, relieved, from generosity.
Imperfect and flawed are we,
still we work and rest,
we walk, and run,
we trip and fall,
we reach, and rise up
and call out to those we hope may have
the wisdom and gentility
to meet our needs,
heal our wounds
and share their strength with us
as we learn to cope.
Hold out your hands and offer care,
sympathy, encouragement
to Sisters dear,
then honor yourself, and who you are,
embrace yourself now,
and who you wish to be.
Step by step,
by work and by prayer,
I [re]build myself
I’m almost there…
sometimes hesitant,
or a petulant child,
learning how to walk the miles,
frustrated then, and stumbling again
with skinned elbows and scarred knees
but with millions of glorious memories
all resting one upon the other
like a Jenga tower of hopes and dreams
all of which make us unique,
with value and beauty
shining bright,
a blessed variety
of sacred lights,
all glowing from within.


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