Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is Real


Years ago, there was no “seasonal affective disorder”.   It was called the “winter blues” and it was thought to be entirely psychosomatic.  We now know this is untrue.  This is a true physical/psychological disorder, and if steps are taken to manage symptoms, sufferers may be able to improve (if not eliminate) this difficult condition from their lives.

It’s especially difficult for those with SAD to fight against it (especially if the sufferer already has other physical and mental conditions) because SAD confuses them, saps their strength and happiness, and convinces them that there is no way to improve their lot in life.  They feel worthless, and believe that those who love them would be better off if they were dead and gone.  It becomes a vicious cycle, particularly when compounded with other depressive conditions.


If a sufferer can get control of symptoms before worsen, they may be able to improve the aspects of their lives impacted by the deep immeasurable sadness that seems to have no real explanation or source, other than the change of seasons from the Light to the Dark time of year.


As above, so below… when your heart and soul change, the world around you changes, too, whether for good or bad.  How you feel may not be reality, but it is real enough to you that you believe the false reality.

Because of SAD, all aspect of life are impacted… once again, that cycle.  Sleep — if it comes — is restless… bad dreams disturb the night… exhaustion… distraction… you can’t pay attention, your mind drifts to the negative, making you short-tempered and stressed.  Trying to work becomes a useless effort, and you stress over not being able to do what you feel needs to be done.  Stress and hopelessness become constant companions.


It’s almost impossible to be optimistic when SAD keeps pulling you down from the inside.


It is a real medical condition, and those who don’t believe you may not have the ability to understand what you’re experiencing.  Seek medical help, and support from friends and family who love you.  There is help, and there is hope.  The link below from the Mayo Clinic contains some information that I hope may assist you.

May you and yours be blessed with good health, now and in the future.




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