Train of Thought – On Love, Healing Wounds II, Leonard Cohen and Japanese Philosophy

I must believe that love will win.

Not politics, not parties, not offices, not countries, not war, not religion.


If I don’t believe that love will win, then I am as worse than dead… the Earth and her people, including me, are hopeless and helpless and fractured beyond all efforts to love.

I cannot allow myself to believe this is true.  The depths of my heart won’t allow it.

When a fracture to a human bone is healing, it forms a callus – new bone, made by the body – and the fracture site temporarily is stronger than the area around it.  I believe this to be true with us, the community of the Human Race.

There is a Japanese art called Kintsugi.  Kintsugi translates as “golden joinery” and is the means by which broken pottery is repaired, using lacquer intermingled with a precious metal.

A broken item is not thrown away, mourned then forgotten; nor is it hidden in the darkness, unused and disrespected as imperfect.  It is repaired and kept and deliberately celebrated in its new form.  The cracks become interesting new pathways traced within, and are not seen with disdain.  The procedure is not like plastic surgery which some of us use in an effort to remove the wrinkles and scars we have gotten throughout life, some earned and some suffered.  Certainly, they are flaws, but they are part of us.  Never were any of us “perfect,” and imperfection is a “perfectly” human trait.

I think this bit of wisdom was best expressed by the artist, Leonard Cohen, whom we recently lost.


Rest In Peace, Mr. Cohen, and thank you for your work.  You have given me hope.

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