Assistance to move trailer needed ASAP in Skipwith, Virginia


I just got a call in New York from my brother, Daniel, at Katwood in Virginia. Their trailerhome MUST BE MOVED WITHIN 24 HOURS. The REAL owner of the property on which it (temporarily) sits – the DAD – told him it has to go. Dan put the trailer hitch on his truck, but has no skill in operating such a load, especially with ONE EYE. Also, he is terrified to move the trailer onto his land as he still has no electricity and no water.

Additionally, he is hesitant to attend tomorrow’s eye appointment because he has no clean clothes, and has not had a decent shower since the fire. Well, I blew. I cried. I begged. I demanded… and finally, I do believe he will make the appointment… but I need some REAL HELP here. He called our friend Greg, but Greg said he had no truck available. Anyone? Someone? I NEED SUGGESTIONS/ASSISTANCE PLEASE.

By my understanding, it is a 28-foot Mallard, and I cannot find my photo of the outside.  Here is a pic on the inside.

I am going to work, so please e-mail me at

inside trailer


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