May Katwood Bloom Again

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Since the fire…

Sister Beth Feagan spoke with our brother Daniel of Katwood for a while today – April 15, 2015 – and he is awfully lonely.  I asked for permission to copy/paste her post here, and it was granted.  The photos included are also her work, and I am planning on purchasing some prints, so as to make a donation to the Katwood Rebuilding efforts.  Here is the Go Fund Me link:

Daniel hasn’t had the energy to go to town and use the wi-fi at the library, so the only way to be in touch with folks is when they call or send snail-mail.  She asked Daniel if it’s okay to post his trac-phone number and mailing address and he said sure. Here you go:

Daniel Fleischmann
phone:  434-262-8742
address: 7758 Trottinridge Road, Skipwith, VA 23968

He welcomes all calls, letters, cards, cash, gifts, anything to let him know people love and haven’t forgotten him. We started compiling a wish list of things he would love to have, and we will add to the list as conversations continue. Here is the list as it stands:

–cloaks (a good wool cloak is so nice and he misses his)
–Minnetonka boot moccasins size 12 (front-laced-hard-sole)
–blankets and pillows
–rain gauge
–wood working tools
–paint brushes
–pens & pencils
–deer antlers
–hand held dremel and other woodworking tools
–deep-cycle batteries (for solar panel electricity)
–dog food and treats (he has 6 dogs as his only companions)
–CD or other type of music player, with CDs

It might be good if we comment on the Katwood Rebuild FB Group (ask to be added, please, if you are not a member) at this link:

to let each other know when someone sends something from the wish list, so things are not repeated. The main thing is to keep sending tangible signs of our love and commitment to help.

Oh yes — Daniel would love some books in large print. He was “squinting at” a book when Beth called today (he’s 85% blind in one eye due to Macular Degeneration, and fully deaf in one ear) and he told me he misses being able to read with ease. I am going to look into those large magnifying-page thingies!

May Katwood rise and bloom again!



  1. bethfeagan said,

    April 15, 2015 at 10:40 pm

    Thank you for blogging this! Blessed Be.


  2. deborah said,

    May 22, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    sending healing prayers and blessings


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