no way is this Christian behavior… no way…

This “gentleman” – this “Christian Brother” Dean Samuels – has no clue that RAPE is not about SEX. It may be about POWER… ANGER… REVENGE… MENTAL ILLNESS… ADDICTION… but it is NOT about DESIRE.

Even if it were about sex and desire… NO ONE wants or deserves to be attacked and molested, neither male nor female, neither free nor confined. The argument that women who dress suggestively are fully responsible for bringing such attacks on themselves is false. Young, attractive females are not the only ones who suffer this ignominy.

Elderly, sickly women in their own homes often live fearfully, wondering if they will be attacked in the dark of night by a male who breaks in through door or window. These mothers and grandmothers are not scantily-clad “whores” — but they suffer the same crime at the hands of criminals. What of nuns who are so assaulted? Did they “ask for it” too?

Tiny babies through toddlers through children are raped, too, by pedophiles. Are these kids “sluts?” Did they “encourage” the act by wearing “indecent clothing?” Did they “seduce” their attackers? NO.

I’m sure that somewhere in the world there has been a blind rapist. Did he (or she!) rape because of what was seen, that caused them to get excited? NO.

You know what? This guy is as bad as that fake “Christian church” in Florida. We women deserve rape just as much as God/dess hates gays.

Stick a fork in me. I’m done.


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