Longing For An Oikos

Star Foster, if you see that I have re-blogged your post, please know this… I did it to honor you, and to tell you that I have been there.

I have felt what you feel. Perhaps not exactly, and not in the same “tradition,” but I recognize that I shared those feelings, and I attained my goal. I shall keep you in my prayers and workings that you might attain yours, and that you are blessed with contentment.

Namaste, Star.



  1. FeistyAmazon said,

    July 27, 2013 at 1:04 am

    I work extensively with the Greek Goddesses, as They are the ones who called to me from a very young age, ever since 5th grade, one in particular. So my home if you will, is with womyn in the woods ritualling, even if it’s only 5-7 days of the year, that time renews my soul. SADLY I won’t be going this year, partly economic, partly some other issues… so I am MOURNING. I get so tired of all the rightwing xtian stuff about the only meaningful connection is FAMILY, because for me blood family is problematic. I do not share their values, mine are very different, nor do they really understand me.

    I do have my family with my partner and my cats…and we are well bonded, and soulmates, but beyond myself and her, and we are fully Legally married, thanks to being able to marry in CA in 2008, and now Prop 8 struck down by the US Supreme Court in June, but I need more than a family ‘oikos’ as you say, I need LIKEMINDED COMMUNITY, beyond my primary relationship of two Lesbians and 5 cats!

    So perhaps you need to create or find an intentional community of likeminded others, without recreating exact replicas from the past, many of which were incredibly patriarchal. For me, I am Amazon, so the depth of MY connection is communal connection with other Amazon womyn in community and celebration, especially in the woods, but throughout life too. It is rare to meet other true Amazons, and those I truly know, other than my dearest Spouse as my Amazon soulmate, attend the Yearly Gathering of Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. They UNDERSTAND what Amazon means, as a Tribe, as a People, as a collective connection of Females, not just alone in the world… but as a Nation… and they celebrate Goddess through ritual too….

    Amazon may not be your Path, but without having to depend on a primary relationship, find or create a Community of likeminded others who connect with the Greek Goddesses… they are the most well known, and accessible of the deities… since many of us studied their myths since childhood, high school or college… and for me, my matron spoke to my soul like I said since 5th grade. I didn’t understand it then, but I do now….

    -In Sisterhood in the Search,



    • wiccanwoman said,

      July 27, 2013 at 7:27 am

      Sister Feisty ~ it is always so good to see you here! Thank you for sharing your feelings and your wisdom. Blessings to you and yours. ~ WiccanWoman/Belinda*


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