We are not our jobs.


You know what? 
It doesn’t matter what this lady did for a living.
She is still a lady.

Rag papers using headlines like “Manhattan prostitute
or “Men held escort” are displaying sexist sensationalism,
just like the old-time “detective” magazines did.

detective rag 1

How about saying “Manhattan woman
or “Men held woman” instead? 
Nah, that won’t sell newspapers.
It’s all about sales, it’s all about the money.

As said by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.
“The facts of this crime are truly heinous –
these defendants are accused of holding a woman hostage
in order to essentially enslave and prostitute her.”

 girl behind grate

Thank you, Mr. Vance.  You are correct.
What they did was a crime, and an abuse,
no matter which sordid details are spattered across headlines,
no matter what the victim had chosen to do to make an income.

She suffered multiple fractures, but she’s also got her life, bless her.
I pray that she recovers fully and uses the rest of her years
to speak up for herself and others in similar predicaments.
May she hold her head up, make a good life for herself,
and positively influence others by what happened to her.


If anyone learns how I might send correspondence to her,
please let me know.

I’d like to reach out to her.
I’d like to reassure her, and offer her some support.

It is bad enough that she had to suffer this evil.

She needs to know she can go

tell me I cant


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