“Watch This Space”

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone, and did something new. 

I applied – and was accepted – as an [unpaid] book reviewer!   It’s definitely not about money.  It is about the joy of knowledge and the power of the written word, and how much I enjoy reading and helping others.  I will be reviewing books provided by Hay House Book Nook:


Once I choose and request a book – and once that request is approved, of course –  I have made a commitment to write and submit a review of at least 200 words within 30 days of receipt of the book.  Reviewers are asked to be timely, professional and honest.   I must post each review to my blog and also to a consumer website – most likely Amazon.com – where I have an account.  A disclosure must accompany both reviews, stating that I received the book(s) from Hay House at no charge, in exchange for my commitment to write the review(s).

My first book?   Activate Your Goodness by Shari Arison


 Wish me luck.  I hope you will enjoy reading my reviews as much as I will enjoy reading the books.




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