Gwen Moore, Congresswoman And Rape Survivor, Reacts To Richard Mourdock’s Abortion Remarks



Dismiss whatever insults your own soul.
9 hours ago (11:09 PM)

As my daughter said, as she called the cops on her rapist without even flinching, “I have nothing to be ashamed of…but HE DOES.”

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msanonymous222, you’ve done a fine job in raising such a woman! I would be honored to know you and your daughter. I don’t know her age, but I’ll say this common phrase anyway, because it truly does fit the circumstances: “She is wise beyond her years.”

I counsel women every chance I get about this and other related issues, as the cause of Domestic Violence/Abuse, including rape, is dear to me. Although I am not a licensed therapist, I – and others like me – open our homes and hearts, and give from the depths of our very souls in order to empower Sisters who have been victimized. They need our help to know they are not “just” survivors, but can be THRIVERS!

Please allow me to share with you (and her) my review of a movie I recently attended:

Both the premiere’s interactive events and the movie itself reassured my belief that as a woman, I am not alone in this world; neither are you, and neither is she. All women are our Sisters, no matter what their age, where they live, what religion they follow, and even if they follow none.

Based upon only her words which you offered, I opine that your daughter is a strong, vibrant woman, and women as Sisters would be blessed to have her share her strength with us.

May God/dess Bless you both.
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