Our Words Have Power


“Bullies of Pregnant Cheerleader”  –  EXCERPT from the article:

“. . . Obviously, this prank is sick and disturbing on about a million different levels: The bullying, the line-crossing, the slut-shaming, the thoughtless mockery of an innocent child. The flip, insensitive jab at an extremely challenging and all-too-common situation in our society. The list goes on and on, but the worst part, to me, is the fact that some “authority” figure MUST have known about this plan — and let it happen anyway. . . .”


makes me


Those who plotted

and acted out

are not

“boys and girls.”

They are young adults

who attend class

in the upper years

of high school.

They are juniors and seniors,

just a year or two

shy of graduation.

They are young MEN

and WOMEN,

old enough to fall in love

have sex

and start a family,

whether accidentally

or on purpose.

It is said

that only the MEN


in this act of bullying,

which they thought

was just a joke.

Those in costume

are the same gender

as the MAN

who participated

in the very act

of creating a BABY

with a WOMAN.

Was that MAN

also being mocked?

Or was he being “back-slapped?”

Praised for “dipping his cock?”

For not “shooting blanks?”

For “getting a piece?”

And did any

of the WOMEN

know of this plot?

Did they encourage

such a hateful event?

Did they think it was funny?

Did they judge and criticize


calling her a slut, a whore,

instead of honoring

the mother-to-be,

for creating and keeping

the magick of life?

They needed to step up

and rally around her,

wrap their arms

strongly about her,

tell the MEN

that what is done to one

is done to ALL.

These bullies…

are they “pro-life”?

It seems

the expectant mother is.

She is bearing the brunt

of this public horror.

How much easier for her, perhaps,

to simply make it go away?

That nightmare

was never chosen;

and now she suffers

for doing good.

Would they criticize her, too,

if this dispicable treatment

pushed her toward abortion…

or suicide… gone…

taking her baby with her?

She’d be a headline,

the topic of gossip,

someone forgotten soon,

when the next victim emerged.

I pray that these


gain some wisdom

in adulthood…

respect and compassion, too.

They surely haven’t shown

very much intelligence.

I hope that the expectant mother

finds forgiveness in her heart

so that every time

she looks into the face

of her precious child,

this is not what she remembers

until the day she dies.


1 Comment

  1. Sunshine Fae said,

    September 24, 2012 at 5:48 am

    Powerful words indeed!


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