This morning I was honored to find that the author of this post (and The Alternate Economy on FaceBook) had read – and liked – my post, “I Am… Cake Lady.” In visiting his site and rambling around, I came upon this entry which touched me deeply. Please share with others, as it is very worthwhile reading.

Daring to Live in Love!

As my example of inward compassion I will in fact be posting a copy of a document I wrote while writing the “Quest for Truth” series. I think it quite perfectly illustrates what my life has been like and will be a great example for non-judgment. If I had not lost my six Lovers, I would not have learned these 6 valuable lessons about Love.

I hope you enjoy!

One Life

By now you are probably wondering what sort of a person sits down and writes the things that I have written. Do I think that I am the messiah, or the next ascended master? Of course not. I am just a man.

I have lived a life. Not a particularly long one, but one that is very representative of the Age of Aquarius. Through the lessons of Karma I have come full circle and realized that all of the…

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