My Quest… make it YOURS.

I keep a special diary on my work desk, where I can see it.

Each day – quite consciously – I do something special for THE WORLD… at least one thing, maybe more, if I can. Then quietly I write down the deed (or un-deed, LOL!) in my private book, for nobody’s eyes but my own.

Line by line, page by page, I will fill my QUEST BOOK with secrets of love and caring and giving and sharing. This is my record, reminding me to act.

If I see the content slowing down, I’ll be able to note that flaw immediately and play catch-up, which I hope will never happen.

If I see that my day has passed and nothing has been entered – GASP! – I still have from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM to complete my quest for the day. I am on the honor system over the weekends, and add those entries when I get back.

It’s a lot like “practice random acts of kindness” but YOU HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE.

Do YOU have time to do this? MAKE THE TIME. Just do it.

Selfishly… it feels GREAT! Unselfishly? YOU TOUCH THE WORLD!

Now… ready… set… GO!


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