a thought on FAIRNESS…

A thought for the day:

Laurie Gray, an author and founder of Socratic Parenting in Fort Wayne, Indiana, says she tells kids that FAIR is “THE four-letter word that starts with F.” Instead of dwelling on their conception of it, she encourages them to focus on kindness, cooperation and gratitude.

“One thing that has worked well with my own daughter is to use an affirmation poem,” she says. “For the past four years, every night before she goes to sleep, my daughter affirms,

‘I am grateful.
I am kind.
I create what’s on my mind.
Perfect health…
my world reflects the change in me.'”

Her child is now 9 and doesn’t spend a lot of energy worrying about whether she’ll get her fair share, because she doesn’t view the world as a zero-sum game where there can never be enough to go around.


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